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DES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds said just before Thanksgiving she might use part of today’s “Condition of the State” speech to talk about voting rights for felons who’ve completed their sentences. During a recent Radio Iowa interview, Reynolds said she wants to be known as “the opportunity governor.”

“Last year in the ‘Condition of the State’ I talked about unleashing opportunities,” Reynolds said. “…We’ve unleashed them. Now we need to enact them.”

Expanding mental health treatment options for children is a carry-over priority for Reynolds, along with dramatically boosting the number of Iowans who get a college degree or technical training beyond college. The governor refers to that as the “Future Ready Iowa” initiative.

She’s only hinted at the details of her plans for 2019, however.

“I can’t tell you everything that’s going to be in the speech,” Reynolds told Radio Iowa, laughing.

The governor did say the topics in today’s speech will be “intertwined” with her inaugural address on Friday.

Today’s “Condition of the State” speech to legislators is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.