IOWA CITY — Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack is looking into a business that’s buying mobile home parks in the state. Havenpark Capital announced rent increases of up 70 percent for some tenants.

“It’s going to be interesting to find out if they are taking advantage of any federal programs in their operations,” Loebsack said, “and I think if they are, then I think we need to investigate that.”

Loebsack met yesterday with residents of the Golfview Mobile Home Park in North Liberty who are facing a rent hike of 60 percent by next April. Loebsack and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren have written a letter to the Utah-based company that now owns the park.

“We’re asking Havenpark a series of questions about basically their practices not just here but around the country, just to see how they operate,” Loebsack said. “…The fact of the matter is these increases…are really exorbitant. There’s no doubt about it. We have to put public pressure on those folks.”

In addition to the Golfview Mobile Home Park Loebsack visited in North Liberty, Havenpark now owns mobile home parks in Iowa City, West Branch and Indianola and Waukee.