MASON CITY — A Georgia man accused of taking $3000 from a Mason City woman by claiming to be a “United Nations courier” has pleaded not guilty.

41-year-old Imonije Emuobosa is accused of depriving and defrauding the woman in February of last year, with a criminal complaint stating that he allegedly portrayed himself as an agent from the United Nations diplomatic courier service and promised to deliver a box in exchange for $3000.

A nationwide warrant was issued in June for Emuobosa’s arrest on a charge of second-degree theft, with Emuobosa being taken into custody in February.

Emuobosa was scheduled to have his arraignment hearing this week but he filed a written plea of not guilty, with his trial scheduled to start on May 21st.

If convicted of second-degree theft, a Class D felony, Emuobosa would face up to five years in prison.