Some of the coldest air, potentially in the past 20 years, looks to be coming to Iowa next week. Wind chill values will be dangerously, and potentially life-threateningly cold as they bottom out in the -40 to -50 degree range across northern to northeastern Iowa Wednesday morning. With wind chills of -40 degrees, frostbite can occur to exposed skin within 10 to 15 minutes. PLEASE PREPARE NOW FOR THESE POTENTIALLY LIFE-THREATENING COLD TEMPERATURES! Make sure your heating systems. pipes, etc. are as ready to go as can be. It may be wise to make sure groceries for the week are purchased between now and Tuesday. Be ready to bring pets indoors. Vehicles left outdoors may have difficulties starting in the morning. School closures may be possible, especially Wednesday morning. This will be a prolonged period of cold air, with potentially dangerously cold temperatures possible from Tuesday morning through Friday morning.