MASON CITY — A Plymouth man charged with check and credit card fraud has pleaded guilty to two of the charges he faced.

41-year-old Ryan Ihde was one of two people accused of depositing four counterfeit checks into an account and then using a stolen bank card from another person over 20 times to withdraw money and make purchases. The total amount of money stolen between January 18th and 22nd was over $7400. Ihde was charged with ongoing criminal conduct, a Class B felony, as well as second-degree theft and unauthorized use of a credit card, both Class D felonies.

As part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, Ihde has pleaded guilty to the theft and unauthorized use of a credit card charges with the ongoing criminal conduct charge being dismissed. Prosecutors will recommend when Ihde is sentenced at a later date a five-year prison sentence that would be served at the same time with two other felony cases as well as Ihde having to pay restitution.