CLEAR LAKE — The city of Clear Lake is still working with developers on the possibility of bringing a $12 million hotel and conference center to the community.

City Administrator Scott Flory says the city has been working with the unnamed developer since October on this project. “We commissioned a feasibility report, and since that time, we’ve had a developer show interest in Clear Lake, looking at a number of locations around the community for a possible development project that would include somewhere around 70-to-80-plus units in a hotel. It would also include a conference center that could accommodate up to 500 persons, and additionally a restaurant that could seat up to 200 people.”

Flory says this type of a project has been on the city’s radar screen for a couple of years.  “We’ve always believed that a facility like this would enable Clear Lake to be more desirable as a retreat destination type community for professional conferences and things of that sort. We’re excited to continue to be working forward with a developer on opportunities that could bring something like that to our community.”

Flory says talks are continuing with the developer on a preliminary development agreement that can be presented to the city council in the near future.  “I’m in negotiations with the developer, there’s other negotiations ongoing with the developer and land owners regarding potential sites for the project. I’m not at liberty to disclose any of those. The city is discussing potential development agreement incentives to help bring the project to Clear Lake.”

Flory says it’s been over two decades since a major hotel project has been constructed in Clear Lake.