JOHNSTON — The interim outreach director for the Iowa Association of Christian Schools says the new state-fund Education Savings Account program is likely to lead to the opening of more private schools.

 “This is going to open up ways for schools to begin.” That’s Josh Bowar, who is also head of school at Sioux Center Christian School.

42 Iowa counties do not have a private school. 75 counties do not have a private high school. Bowar says there are discussions.  “This has really provided a pathway forward for schools of all kinds to be able to start,” Bowar says, “and that parents can have that choice to open those other opportunities.”

Bowar made his comments during a recent appearance on Iowa Press on Iowa PBS. He is an administrator at one of the 15 private schools in Sioux County. Just over six percent of all applications for a taxpayer-funded account to cover private school expenses came from Sioux County.

State officials announced this summer that 18,000 That’s because about 40% of applications came from parents who had until September 30th to enroll a child in a private school. The other 60% of applications were for students who were already enrolled in a private school.