OTTUMWA — Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says it’s time for congress to “move on” from the Mueller investigation, drop the idea of impeachment and focus on other issues. Grassley this morning said the special counsel’s report “speaks for itself” — just as Special Council Robert Mueller said during a D.C. news conference Wednesday.

“After spending two years and $35 million and finding no collusion or no crime, it’s about time he gets off the federal payroll,” Grassley said.

Mueller announced Wednesday he was returning to the private sector. Mueller said yesterday and in the printed report that a justice department policy meant he could not indict a sitting president. Grassley disagrees.

“He’s right that you don’t prosecute a sitting a president,” Grassley said, “but you can indict a sitting president and then the day he leaves office you can take him to prosecution and so that’s what Mueller should have done if he thought the president did something wrong.”

Grassley spoke to employees at Kelderman Manufacturing in Oskaloosa this morning and then held a town hall meeting in Ottumwa. Iowa’s other U.S. Senator, Joni Ernst, issued a written statement yesterday after Mueller’s news conference, emphasizing the investigation found “there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election,” but adding that congress must “focus on protecting our country from future attacks by Russia and other bad actors.”