HISTORY LESSON: A “Cutting Garden” was an informal patch of  flowers usually a short distance from a home that was used to  supply the interior of a home with an array of flower  arrangements, thereby preventing one from having to cut flowers  that were formally planted around a home.  

The presence of a natural patch of flowers at the NE corner of the  Stockman House, while not actually used for cutting flowers  contributes a historic touch to the landscape of the house.  

Certainly, Frank Lloyd Wright would approve! But here’s the  problem, RCSHP is in need of someone, or a few volunteers, to  take care of that potentially lovely flower patch to continue  the tradition that thankfully Kathy Kinsey has kept going thus far.  While it’s not too much for one person, and can probably be  managed with occasional care, it’s always fun to have a buddy.  

Presently there are zinnias, cone flowers, and an interesting  variety of seasonal floral flourishes blooming but they are a bit  lost in the weeds…and there’s plenty of room for future  perennials.  

Gardening is such a rewarding endeavor. Would anyone “out  there” volunteer to manage this flower patch? Like everything  else we do, volunteers make it happen.  

If a volunteer is not found by the end of this month – August, it  will sadly be turned into sod by this fall.  

Contact Joanne ASAP: 641-423-6564 or [email protected]