Katy Perry and Zedd launched a new song, as promised, at 8:00 a.m. ET Thursday morning — precision that syncs perfectly with the brand new video for the track, “365.”

In the video, Zedd is shown as a human test subject being profiled for pairing with a robotic mate, played by Perry.

While Zedd is psychologically profiled with questions like, “Define obsession.  Define normal.  Define love,” the robo-Katy is being skinned, dressed, and paired with a test subject of her own: a teddy bear with the body of a man.

Having passed tests — though the robotic version of Katy apparently hugs too hard — she is dressed in a black-and-red vinyl dress with matching hat and meets her human companion.

However, as the song hints, the robot soon becomes obsessed with her human: “I think about you all the time,” Katy sings, “…24/7, 365…”

Zedd’s character can’t take it, and tries to sleep by himself on the couch, but she’s not having it. He finds out the hard way that the Katy bot still hasn’t dropped her hugging glitch: she scoops him up and refuses to let go of him.

Katy bot sets off a series of electrical glitches in the apartment, until cops rush in and pry Zedd loose from her arms.

Robo-Katy is taken back and examined by techs, but is shut down after Zedd is asked if he felt anything for her. “No,” he replies.

Katy is unplugged…and another in a series of waiting Katy bots is powered up for testing.

Zedd teased a Katy Perry collaboration as far back as November, when the DJ and producer posted a video of Katy’s dog, Nugget, sitting on the mixing board in a recording studio.