Daylight Savings Time

I know that Daylight savings time can be kind of a pain in the spring and fall.  But, imagine if it stayed the same time all year.  I experienced a time without daylight savings time.

I have lived in an area where they time didn’t change time.  I spent 3 and a half years of my career working in Crawfordsville Indiana from August 2002 through March 2006.  At that time, the state of Indiana didn’t observe daylight savings time. They were in the process of getting the state laws changed so they could observe daylight savings time.  Some of the things I noticed while not changing time.

  • All Of Your Favorite Network TV Shows were taped delayed.  All the network news programs were tape delayed half the year.  So in the fall, the news was an hour late from the rest of the nation.  The networks in Indiana did that to eliminate confusion, with the news on at different times half the year. 
  • Live TV events like football, basketball or any other sporting events you had to adjust from central time to eastern time half the year, so you wouldn’t miss any sports action.  A football game that started at noon half the season, would start at 1 PM after the rest of the nation observed the time change.   
  • The sun didn’t rise until almost 9:30 in the morning in mid December.  That was a little strange.  It was crazy not having the sun in the sky until almost 9:45 AM. 
  •  I was an hour behind my parents and family half the year, the other half of the year we were the same time.  Which made some phone calls home tricky.
  • If you heard a radio station west of the Illinois/Indiana border, the time they said on the air was off an hour half of the year.

Those are just a few of the observations I made when we didn’t change time while I lived in Indiana.  The laws there have since changed and the only state to NOT observe daylight savings time is Arizona now.

There are some perks to daylight savings time.  The it’s light out later in the evening past the time change and it also saves on energy.  The lights you use at home!

It’s a sign that spring and summer are coming!   Which is something I know we all look forward too after a long cold winter.

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