CLEAR LAKE — The City of Clear Lake last night handed out the first set of the Police Chief’s Commendation Service Awards. Police Chief Pete Roth says the award program was established in 2018 to give out commendations to those officers nominated for meritorious service to the department and city. “This has been a very long project. The officers who are going to be receiving commendations tonight will get a certificate describing what exactly occurred. They will also get a Clear Lake Police coin that on the back is their badge number and the date that they received their commendation. So we’re very excited to do this.”

Among those honored:

== Detective Mike O’Keefe,  a commendation for his exceptional efforts and commitment in investigating a large financial crime case they started 2016 and concluded in 2017. A positive conclusion for the victim was a direct result of his dedication, experience and ability to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies on the investigation.

== Officer Jerry Schade was awarded a commendation for his immediate and extraordinary action in performing CPR on unresponsive infant on June 29, 2018 in Clear Lake Iowa. Officer Schade performed in a professional manner while placing himself at risk while performing CPR on the infant.”

== Officers Dean Anderson and Brandon Trapp were honored for their assistance with an accident for the immediate and extraordinary actions in performing CPR on a motor vehicle driver who was involved in a crash on April 25 2017 in Clear Lake. The officers efforts are credited directly with saving the driver’s life.

== Trapp was given a second award for his dedication and efforts in reestablishing the DARE program in the Clear Lake and GHV school districts. Officer Trapp’s commitment to keeping students drug and violence free is worthy of a special recognition.”

The four were honored at the start of last night’s City Council meeting. Below is a video of last night’s presentation.