As “American Idol” Tour Winds Down, Reigning Champ Maddie Poppe’s Ready For Her Next Step

After three months on the road, the American Idol tour finally wraps up this weekend in Washington, D.C.  What’s next for reigning Idol champ Maddie Poppe?   Some new music, and work on her debut album.

“I’m gonna have some really awesome opportunities this October,” she tells ABC Radio. “I’m gonna be going to Nashville and L.A. for some writing sessions…I’m really excited to do that, because I’ve never done that before.”

Maddie’s also recorded a new song that’s scheduled for release next month.

“It’s got more of a country vibe to it,” she says. “But it’s a fun song and I love it. And [the album’s] on its way, and hopefully it’ll be finished by next spring.”

But as excited as she is to get on with her career, Maddie says she’ll really miss her tourmates, including her boyfriend Caleb Lee Hutchinson and American Idol season eight champ Kris Allen.

“We have so much fun on that bus together,” she says. “Michael Woodard is by far the most entertaining, I could just sit and watch him and be entertained for hours.  And Kris is so much fun to be around and has our same sense of humor and I’m gonna miss him so much after this tour.”

But Maddie most cherishes the fact that she got to tour with Caleb.

“The experience would’ve been a lot harder if I didn’t have Caleb, because he’s so patient with me,” she gushes. “He always has my back and he is too kind to me…I just feel like I don’t deserve him…he’s like an angel. He’s always there for me.”

“It’s been really hard to be away from our families,” she adds. “But being together, it makes it a lot easier, because he’s like my home away from home.”

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