MASON CITY — A Mason City man has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to 10 years in prison after robbing two people in northwestern Mason City back in January.

25-year-old Jacob Mills was accused of approaching two people who were walking in the area of 14th and North Washington on January 19th and demanding that they empty their pockets. One of the people gave the suspect a cell phone, with Mills smashing it on the ground.

Mills then demanded the backpacks they were wearing and ordered one of the victims to get into a car, where he started asking questions and punched the victim in the face. As the victim attempted to get away, Mills grabbed them by the hood, took them to the ground and began choking and punching the victim, with Mills then leaving the scene.

Mills was originally charged with second-degree robbery, first-degree theft and assault with the intent to inflict serious injury. As part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, the robbery charge was dismissed, with Mills pleading guilty to first-degree theft and assault.

District Judge James Drew sentenced Mills to ten years on the theft charge along with 30 days in jail on the assault charge. He also issued a $1000 fine which was suspended.